Dignity and Respect


Partners In Opportunities, Inc. will assure your safety and well being while you experience exciting daily life opportunities. We will respect your privacy, our staff are trained to know your rights, we listen to your choices, we are there to offer options, one’s life goals and dreams are remembered.


Medicaid Waiver
Service Certifications

Partners In Opportunities, Inc. is approved to provide services on the Community Integration and Habilitation and Family Support Waivers.

Services include: Residential Habilitation and Support, PAC (Personal Assistance & Care), Respite, Wellness Coordination, Transportation, and Community Transition. We also provide Day Habilitation–Individual and Day Habilitation–Group for each of the above service in the community and in our day program that serves North Central Indiana.

We are certified to provide Remote Services on the Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver as well. In addition, we can support our clients with financial oversight by becoming their Representative Payee for Social Security.

We are Here
To Help

Partners In Opportunities, Inc. is dedicated to assuring our workforce is stable and qualified. We hold informational / committee meetings at regular intervals with the involvement of individuals receiving supports / family / guardians / residential and day program staff.

These meetings help to answer questions for families and staff such as:

Is there an appropriate amount of communication between you and the agency?
Do you feel respected by your supervisor / management of the agency?
Is the training you receive sufficient to effectively perform your job?
What suggestions do you have to continue to promote quality?
Are you involved in the interview process?
Are you satisfied with our services?

We encourage people and families to play meaningful leadership roles. Some examples are family focus groups, initiating individual and family participation in training and developing a mentoring / advocacy support program. By doing this, individuals and their family members will be empowered by establishing an integral role in the company that provides services to them by producing positive person centered changes.


National Accreditations

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