Our Team

Ballard “Jerid” Wireman (President/Founder)

Jerid had various positions throughout the years as he started out as direct care staff at two local agencies and worked his way up to management staff. He had long-term stability at his jobs and also assisted one of those agencies in opening their company in a different state prior to founding Partners In Opportunities in October of 2001. His vast experience in all aspects of the field, high level of creativity, and the ability to personally connect with clients, families, and employees all played a vital role in his success as a business owner. Jerid co-taught new staff orientation for over ten years, giving direct support professionals first-hand knowledge of his successes with the individuals he has supported over the years. Jerid possesses a caring and sensitive personality as well as a genuine interest in helping others to become as independent as possible and be valuable members of the community.

Kadir Cizreliogullari (Executive Director)

Kadir has been with the agency since 2007 and held multiple positions (Service Coordinator, Service Administrator, Regional Director) prior to becoming Executive Director in 2019. He oversees all departments; including Programming, Accounting, and Human Resources. Kadir holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Illinois Institute of Technology. Kadir believes that each individual should be encouraged to define their quality of life through their own lens and be supported to reach their goals and have meaningful opportunities in the community. Kadir is fully committed to doing his part in assuring that our agency policies and practices reflect said values and that our services remain flexible in meeting our individuals’ evolving needs and desires.

Edgar Alleyabu (Director of Programming)

Edgar joined the agency in 2003 as direct support staff. He has since grown with the company, holding different positions throughout the years and gaining perspective from various angles. Edgar oversees all programming, including all Residential and Family Support services and the day program. He is also involved in quality control of the services provided, including compliance with State policies and regulations.

Early in his career, Edgar realized that this field was his true calling, thanks to the enjoyment he gets from working in the field with the people we serve, which allows him to get to know and understand them well and create personal connections that he cherishes.

Edgar holds a Masters's Degree in Business Administration from Bethel University and a Master's in Social Work (expected May 2023) from Indiana University South Bend. Edgar is also a Certified Instructor in Non-Crisis Prevention through Crisis Prevention Institute.

Linda Rafinski (Regional Director)

Linda joined Partners In Opportunities in 2002 as Service Administrator with 13 years of prior experience as a QIDP, which includes managing a caseload, developing and implementing ISP’s/BSP’s and providing supports to individuals with disabilities and their families. This also includes being an advocate for individuals and ensuring their educational, employment, health, physical and emotional needs are met. In her current position as Reginal Director, Linda is responsible for new development, oversight of “Club Your Place” (day program), nursing and maintenance as well as supervision of various management positions. She has been teaching CPR/FA to direct support professionals for 30 years. Linda believes each individual is unique and deserves a caring, inspiring and engaging atmosphere in which to grow emotionally, intellectually and socially. Linda strives to help individuals meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing a safe, risk-taking and collaborative environment within the community.

Jennifer Canen (Service Administrator)

Jennifer joined Partners in Opportunities in April of 2023, as a Service Administrator and the Self-Advocacy group leader. She has 23 years prior experience as QIDP and also has a 26-year-old son who was diagnosed with Autism at a young age. Being in this field has helped her gain knowledge and education to help her be a passionate advocate for all individuals with disabilities. She believes everyone should live a meaningful life full of choices and independence. Throughout her career she has worked in homes as direct support, in sheltered workshop as a group leader, then became QIDP over supported living, and then the Director of supported living for several years.

Jennifer has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Bethel University and is also a certified sexuality educator and trainer for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Lisa Lee (Human Resources Manager)

Lisa joined PIO in October 2020 as the Human Resources Manager. She is here to ensure all policies and procedures are followed with all employees at all levels. Lisa's goal is to serve everyone with confidentiality, neutrality and sensitivity and to resolve conflicts through positive and professional mediation. She earned her B.S. in Psychology from Indiana University.

In her professional career, Lisa has worked in HR in different capacities for over 20 years. In her personal life she has given her time to at-risk youth, the senior community and helping to feed those in need. Lisa is excited to be part of the leadership team at PIO and is looking forward to continuing to meet and interact with the staff and clients we serve.

Charles Masunya (Accounting Manager)

Charles has been with PIO since 2005 and is responsible for handling the agency’s finances and individuals’ benefits (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and SNAP), processing payroll, and supervising Accounting Assistant Manager. He is passionate about his role in the management team to help the people we serve meet their financial needs and assist them to become more independent in handling their own finances.

Charles firmly believes in each individual’s potential to maximize their happiness and living life’s journey. Before becoming the Accounting Manager, he worked in different capacities such as Support Partner, Supervisory Home Guidance Manager, and Accounting Assistant Manager. Charles holds a Bachelor of Science in Business - Accounting from Indiana University.

Methuseli Sibanda (Accounting Assistant Manager)

Methuseli joined Partners in Opportunities in 2005 as a Support Partner from a caring pastoral background, and soon after became a Supervisory Home Guidance Manager. In 2007, Methuseli assumed the position of Accounting Assistant, then became Accounting Assistant Manager. Methuseli audits finances and processes payroll as well as train Home Guidance Managers and new staff on payroll related topics. Methuseli holds a Master's degree in Arts and has taken college courses in Business. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public Health.

Methuseli enjoys working with individuals and staff alike and believes that each individual is unique and has a place and purpose in life. Methuseli is fully dedicated to helping individuals utilize their resources to improve their quality of life at home and in the community.

Janice Sandefur (Wellness Coordinator)

Janice joined Partners in Opportunities, Inc. in May 2017 as the Wellness Coordinator. Her experience includes working with dementia and psychiatric patients. In the Wellness Coordinator position, Janice is responsible for medication training, wellness visits, risk plan training, and other nurse related duties. Janice is a certified TB, CPR, and CPI instructor. Janice is continuing her education with the goal of becoming a nurse practitioner. Janice strives daily to bring smiles to all the people she works with and is grateful to help people meet their medical needs.

Denise Lewallen (Club-Your-Place Director)

Denise has worked in the field of intellectual disabilities for 15 years. She joined Partners In Opportunities in August of 2013 as the Manager of Club-Your-Place (day services). She was promoted to Director in 2014.

Denise's duties as Director include but are not limited to: rights advocacy, organization and implementation of activities, working with outside agencies in developing volunteer events, cooking classes including teaching new recipes, providing guidance in skill development and exercise programs and ensuring the upkeep of all equipment and building maintenance.

Denise also attends team meetings for the people she supports. Denise manages 4-8 staff at Club-Your-Place, ensuring structure within the building and group activities yet maintaining flexibility and fun for all. Denise believes that everyone should be treated with respect and for everyone to live their lives to the fullest.